What is a chunk?

  • Compact information where my brain can easily access.
  • Network of neurons used to firing together so you can think a thought or perform an action smoothly and effectively.
  • Pieces of information bound together by use and meaning

What is chunking?

  • mental leap to unite information through meaning
  • new logical whole makes it easier to remember
  • makes it easier to fit into the larger picture of what we're learning
  • involve learning how to use a certain problem solving technique

How to form chunks

  1. Undivided focused attention
  2. Understanding the basics
    • super glue to help hold the underlying memory traces together
  3. [Delibrate Practice] - gain mastery and gain bigger picture context

Chunking is use to gain expertise

  • create conceptual chunks that unite scattered bits of information through meaning
  • add small chunks to larger chunks
  • chunking is bottom up process where practice and [Spaced Repetition] can help build and strengthen chunks
  • using context, which is a top down big picture process allows me to see where what I am learning fits in
  • both top down big picture and bottom up chunking processes are vital to [Gain Mastery] over material
  • practice growing chunks and build a library of chunk patterns
  • diffuse mode can help connect two or more chunks together

Note: Stress and emotions like anger and fear affects ability to make connections.