• Chunking is related to habit. And habit is an energy saver for us.
  • Habits create neurological cravings

Habit Components

  1. the cue - potential to launch into zombie mode (routine)
  2. the routine - zombie mode, useful or harmful
  3. the reward
  4. the belief - to change a habit, we need to exam underlying belief

Process vs Product

  • processes relate to simple habits -> habits that coincidentally allow you to do the unpleasant tasks that need to be done
  • reframe mind
    • focus on process, avoid focus on poduct
    • build processes to build good habits
    • back away from judging yourself

Analyzing habit components from perspective of [Procrastination]

  1. the cue: location, time, how you feel, reactions
  2. the routine - rewire
  • have a plan
  • don't try to change everything at once
  1. the reward
    • use different types and sizes to encourage neurological cravings
    • helps to add new rewards
  2. the belief
    • you can do it
    • developing and encouraging culture with like minded friends can help us remember our values